Thigh lift surgery : cruroplasty

  /  Thigh lift surgery : cruroplasty

What is it and how is it done?

The surgical correction of the alterations in the contour of thighs, due to excesses of both skin and fatty tissue, is called cruroplasty . Sometimes the smoothness of the buttocks or gluteoplasty is also improved.

Aspects to consider include both skin elasticity with presence and intensity of stretch marks, as well as the provision of fatty deposits, in addition to the comparative study with the opposite limb. We also consider the state of the venous system and its inguinal lymph nodes.

Basically, the technique consists in quantifying soft tissue surpluses and eliminating them while respecting both circulation and skin sensitivity, to obtain a more adequate contour with the rest of the body, while redistributing and elevating the tissues.

What are the requirements for this improvement?
People with excess skin and fatty tissue around the thighs, especially evident on internal and medial faces, including buttocks. Those who suffer the consequences of a drastic weight loss, sometimes secondary to bariatric surgery, also benefit.

Ways to perform the cruroplasty

We always do it in the operating room of an approved hospital, under general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia, according to each case. The duration of the procedure depends on the amount to be corrected.

It begins with an approach on the inner faces of thighs and groin folds where the scars will be hidden, whenever possible. Once the leftovers are released and eliminated, the new contours are established, closing with hidden sutures. We finish applying progressively compressive bandages.

This technique can be accompanied in appropriate cases, liposculpture.

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