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The removal of scars by surgery is usually the last of the alternatives that patients have in mind when it comes to correcting scars. However, more and more people are opting for a type of intervention like this because of the great guarantees it offers. The surgery of scars, also called review of scars, is a treatment aimed at concealing the marks caused by accidents or other operations in order to return to the skin the appearance with which it looked before.

Ideal candidates

To undergo a scar revision, the ideal is to wait between 8 to 12 months since the primary scar occurred. If keloids are formed, we must be completely sure that it is not active. Normally patients who have already resorted to other types of treatments to alleviate their marks but have not obtained the expected results come to this type of intervention.

How a scar revision is performed

The procedure of a review of scars is very simple and will consist of removing the old scar completely and closing the wound very carefully creating a new scar but much thinner and more disguised. Depending on the magnitude of the surgery, this may be performed with a simple local anesthesia, combining this with some sedation or by general anesthesia to avoid any discomfort.

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