Mastopexy . Breast lift surgery

  /  Mastopexy . Breast lift surgery

Surgical correction of the descended and flattened sinus that has suffered the effects of cutaneous and glandular involution is called mastopexy.

The decrease or breast ptosis , may be accompanied by loss of glandular content or insufficient prior development, which for its best correction, requires an increase in breast volume with implants. We also correct areolar disproportions.

What are the requirements for this improvement?

Women whose breasts have been involved as a result of pregnancy, lactation, weight swings, or the course of age. As a result of the above, there is loss of turgidity, reduction of its natural projection, and especially flattened of upper quadrants.

Prior echo and / or mammographic control is important.

Ways to perform mastopexy

We always do it in the operating room of an approved hospital, under general anesthesia, and in some cases minor with local anesthesia and sedoanalgesia . The duration of the procedure depends on the simultaneous association of implants, and the type of ptosis to be corrected. It begins with an approach around areolas and vertical towards breast furrows, which depends on the excess skin, and whose readjustment will determine the new position of areolas and nipples. The glandular tissue recovers its conical projection, which keeps at the expense of the new bra made with the skin. When the tissues themselves are insufficient, prostheses are necessary. We finish the closure with hidden sutures and a specially adapted bandage, or a suitable bra.

There is a special anomaly, tuberous breasts, which usually associate significant asymmetry between the two, lower sinus, alterations in its transverse diameter and defective definition of the groove, sometimes constricted, with enlargement of areolas. This set is solved by specific techniques, which incorporate, among others, mastopexy and also augmentation with implants.


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