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The gluteus contour reconformation allows not only its increase but also the correction of asymmetries between them, fill the lateral depressions, and obtain a more turgid and rounded silhouette, youthful and proportionate. Basically there are two approaches to its realization; in men, increase their volume when they no longer respond to the exercise of systematic bodybuilding, and in women, increase the sinuousness of their curves, also allowing their elevation that may have been reduced by weight swings, sedentary atrophy, convalescence, even missing of original development. The progressive interest in these results is increased with the modification of the behavior, clothing and exposure habits of the body.

How to perform the gluteoplasty

Basically it is done with implants, lipotransfer or a combination of both even “ lifting ”. The best results are obtained with general or epidural anesthesia, depending on the duration of the procedure about two hours, which is variable depending on the techniques performed.

Different types of silicone gel prostheses in shape and profile are used, of great cohesiveness to allow a long implant life, which have been designed by pioneer surgeons in this field since the early 1990s. The dimensions depend on the capacity or available space of the bed that houses them and the need for increase. The vertical approach occurs through the intergluteal groove that is the least obvious. The bed developed is within the muscle tissue of the gluteus maximus, route with better protection for implants and sciatic nerve, giving stable results and well provided unlike management subfascial more simple but adequate support and more evident or artificial . Finally, adhesive strips are applied to the contour obtained.

The lipotransference with own adipose tissue when it is available, is a breakthrough especially gluteusplasty female, and can often also be combined with gluteusplasty implant, provided that it falls indicated. It is a particularly gratifying procedure for the improvement of the body contour that it entails, by additionally styling the donor areas, usually the abdomen, trochanters, or inner thighs and knees. by an additional liposculpture much appreciated.

Other recommended “methods” of gluteal lift- retaining using tension threads are gradually in disuse due to the “results” obtained, since they entail their safe withdrawal, due to rupture, deformities and incompetence to maintain a natural anatomical appearance.

When soft tissues due to fall or ptosis determine deformities such as double gluteal groove or “banana- fold ”, it is also necessary to hide the surplus in the natural groove, a circumstance that provides a “ lifting ” effect of the most caudal contour.

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