Chin surgery: Mentoplasty – Genioplasty

  /  Chin surgery: Mentoplasty – Genioplasty

What is it and how is it done?

The surgical correction of the morphology, position or dimensions of the chin in a normal jaw, to balance the proportions of the face, is called chinoplasty . The individual study of skeletal proportions of the face, including dental implantation, as well as the soft parts that cover them, allow establishing the modifications required to balance both the facial profile and the frontal image. When there are dental malpositions and mandibular anomalies, they can be treated with orthodontics and orthognathic surgery. Treatments, which can be coordinated or joint with mentoplasty .


What are the requirements for this improvement?

Those who, in their majority, suffer from a deficit in the anterior projection of their chin ( microgeny ), or the opposite condition, the excess, resulting in a facial imbalance. The correction obtained with alloplastic material (prosthesis) is very limited, being indicated in fewer people. While sliding genioplasty allows facial correction in several planes, improve asymmetries, and also favor lip projection.

Ways to perform the mentoplasty

We always perform it in the operating room of an approved hospital, usually under general anesthesia when it comes to chin osteotomy, or local anesthesia plus sedoanalgesia in the prostheses. The silicone prosthesis ( alloplastic material ), through an intraoral access to create the precise accommodation in front of the chin flange, or through skin in the lower chin, with reduced scar. If the correction is greater, we indicate a sliding genioplasty, with an intraoral approach that respects dental roots and nerve fibers (it is studied with preoperative orthopantomography), to allow a chin advance that we stabilize with osteosynthesis material. This allows us to simultaneously correct the soft tissue decline. If the intermediate portion of the chin or symphysis also needs to be modified, shortened or lengthened, we remove or interpose a bone wedge respectively.


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