Chest Reduction: Reductive Mammoplasty

  /  Chest Reduction: Reductive Mammoplasty

The reduction and surgical reconformation of mammary glands, to treat the consequences of their excessive development or hypertrophy, is called reductive mammoplasty. Also at the same time the decrease or ptosis that is frequently associated is corrected , in addition to other disproportions such as asymmetry and widening of areolas.

This procedure is usually indicated as a necessity, to reduce both excessive breast weight and the consequences on skeleton in general and spine in particular. It also helps relieve permanent breathing difficulties, lymphatic drainage of both breasts and shoulders, and resolve frequent macerations in skin folds.

What are the requirements for this improvement?

It is necessary the complete development, therefore women from 18 years of age, who need to reduce their hypertrophic breasts, hindering activities of daily life, and that represent a permanent overload especially for their spine and joints. In other cases, correct asymmetries and restore proportions with their individual corpulence. Prior echo and / or mammographic control is important.

Ways to perform reducing mammoplasty

The techniques are diverse, and their use depends on each particular case, both of the magnitude of the reduction and the age, and of the expectations regarding resulting scars.

We always do it in the operating room of an approved hospital, under general anesthesia.

The duration of the procedure depends on the magnitude of the breast reduction and the need for simultaneous correction of ptosis or descent, enlargements of areolas or other previous asymmetries.

It begins with an approach around areolas and vertical towards the midpoint of breast grooves, according to the indicated technique, depending on the excess of gland and skin. This readjustment will determine the new position of areolas and nipples. When there is an important adipose component, we associate simultaneous liposculpture of breasts.

The glandular tissue recovers its conical projection, at the same time that the dimensions obtained are established according to the corpulence of the woman, logically considering her preferences. We finish the closure with hidden sutures, and a specially adapted bandage or a specific bra.

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