Breast augmentation and breast surgery

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Breast augmentation known as augmentation mammoplasty, is one of the procedures in cosmetic plastic surgery, which provides the most satisfactory and immediate results for women. The motivations can be, to obtain breasts of the desired size due to insufficient development, to correct differences between both breasts, or also to recover the fullness they had before motherhood, after weight loss or due to the passage of age. In other cases we combine the prostheses with breast reconstruction techniques due to previous diseases.

The most appropriate decision is to consult with the specialist in Plastic Surgery, to ask all your questions. It is important that if you have previous mammograms, whether old or recent, the contributions; otherwise, it is convenient to perform them as a reference for future controls.

What are the requirements for this improvement?

In younger women, the most appropriate time occurs when the mammary glandular development has ended. As in all aesthetic techniques , you should feel emotionally mature, accepting that the previous body image can be significantly improved with this intervention, by combining science with artistic sensibility. In any case, the final result is conditioned by previous factors such as skin laxity, size and location of areolas, and possible existence of previous breast tissue.

Types of breast prostheses

All authorized models consist of a wrapper, which in most cases is silicone, and a content that can be silicone gel (more or less cohesive or dense), or serum. The classical form is hemispherical, and there are also anatomical ones that are more in line with the somewhat fallen or natural chest. Its surface can be rough or smooth. The results obtained during the last 10 years show that silicone gel prostheses offer a superior, more aesthetic result without visible folds through the skin, natural to the touch, in addition to a significantly longer duration compared to serum prostheses.

How to perform breast augmentation

The best results are obtained with general anesthesia and half a clinic stay, sometimes without admission. The way to apply the prostheses depends on the characteristics of each woman (skin, mammary gland, complexion and adipose filling, in addition to muscle), and its physical activity, logically taking into account your preferences, always with the advice of the surgeon. Thus the location of the implants can be behind the pectoralis major muscle or its fascia, or even the gland when it exists. The incisions can be located in the lower half of each areola, lower breast folds, or armpits. When it comes to breasts that have lost their fullness or have descended ( breast ptosis ), or in a tubular form with poor development (tuberous breasts), we associate different procedures with the implant technique, to restore the natural attractiveness of the breast.


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